I was already looking for some time to find my dreamhorse en started to think I was never donna find it untill I met Gallega. I knew immediatly she was the one! During my search I came accres a lot of negative experiences and lost my trust in riding and thanks to Gallega I found my confidence again! What a dreamhorse!!
I want to thank Kim for her help and guidance. If you want to buy a nice horse I can recommend Adelante Stables!

- Gallega en Michelle

Hey Kim, just to let you know that everything is going great with Capuchino. It’s really a nice horse to work with! I am so happy with him, thank you!!!

- Casimir and Capuchino

Hispano was really soon at home at his new stable, he likes it here very much! He is social and curieus, to humans and other horses. Also riding is going perfect, he’s not scary and he loves to work. We are really happy with him!!!
Thank you for your help with finding this amazing horse!! We will surely recommend you!!
Regards Nicole and Merel

- Nicole and Hispano

Just wanted to let you know that after a year I am still very happy with Filosofo!! It’s a very nice horse, sweet, loves to learn, likes to cuddle and he is really funny when he’s tired! Probably this winter we will start riding competition dressage. I am very Excited!!!
Regards Kim

- Kim and Filosofo

It seemed an impossible task to find a horse for me after not riding for 20 years and it also had to be possible to be ridden by my daughter, but we found him!!! Guirlache easily adapts! He’s easy to ride dressage and also likes to go outside!
As you told he is easy, nice and a affectionate horse!
Thank you for finding the right horse for me!!!

- Freya and Guirlache

Kim, thank you for finding Il Agorero.
He has, as you rightly pointed out, a very nice character. It is really the horse we where looking for!
Again thanks to Adelante Stables with finding the right horse. We had a very nice experience and it was a nice way of learning to know this beautiful type of horses!!

- An, Nette and Il Agorero

Super happy about the 4-year old Nijareno I bought at Adelante Stables! Already after a few weeks, I went to a little competition with my new horse and it went great! Very nice comments of the judges so I am very happy with Nijareno!! Regards Dorien

- Dorien and Nijareno!
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