Who we are?

Adelante Stables was founded by Paul Raemakers, Kim Taelman and their partners Sofie Berden en Geert Claes. After Paul died unexpectedly in 2015 Kim decided with the help of her husband to continue the business. They are Paul forever grateful that he brought them in contact with the Spanish horse, because in the mean time they are in love with this handsome and extremely intelligent four-legged friend!

Who’s Kim Taelman?

Originally, she came from Lier (Belgium), and already from an early age, she was brought into contact with horses.  When she was younger her parents were the proud owners of a horse and both were riders.  At the age of 5 years old if to her great delight she got the opportunity from her parents to learn riding horses.

Soon became apparent that she was the real deal and crazy about horses!  From her teenage years she spent just about every free moment between horses.  Mucking out, grooming, riding… No job was too much!!

When she was more experienced she got the opportunity to ride horses from owners.  This way she got to ride her first competitions. At the age of 18 years old she bought her first horse, that se trained herself from the age of 3 years old, untill he became a real nice dressage horse.  With this horse she rode competition for several years until a serious injury put an end to it…

At the age of 21 years old Kim started her own dressage stable in Sint Katelijne Waver (Belgium), where she especially commited to the training of competition horses en riders.  She also got the opportunity to ride a sponsor horse, whereby she rode till the level St-George.  By circumstances her dressage stable was sold in 2013.

And so she ended up with her husband Geert and 2 adorable children in Hasselt (Belgium).  Happily they were not averse to a little (much) horse smell!  Soon Kim went for a new challenge in the world of the horses.  So she made knowledge with the hobby of Paul, the Spanish horse.  And Adelante Stable was born!!

What do we do?

Kim will work with you to find a horse that fits your budget and requirements.  When you visite our stable the selected horses will be shown.  Once you decide to buy a horse all veterinaire checks are allowed. (all horses have clinical exams and X-rays, secondary checks at own expence)  You can also count on help en guidance after you bought a horse.

We also like to help you with the reordering of the necessary papers and, when appropriate, the transport of your horse.

On our website you will find a small selection from our total supply.  If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us!!



The operation of our stable is based on a strong policy.  Our horses are carefully selected on the basis of: reliability, appearance and talent.   We search for honest horses with good character!

Why the Spanish horse?

The Spanish horse has a beautiful appearance, looks elegant and has a great character.  He is honest and proud, temperamental, intelligent, willing to work, reliable and very people-oriented.  By his beautiful appearance this horse is often used for shows, films and circus.  His natural tendency for the collected excercises and his wonderful canter make this horse suitable for higher dressage levels.  By its cool character, he is also very suitable for recreation or driving a coach, this makes him a real all-rounder.


Achtergrond Wolk Achtergrond Wolk