Expert instruction and guidance for development of rider and horse!

To buy a Spanish horse is one thing, but riding a Spanish horse sometimes needs some extra guidance!  There are some differences between the ordinary horses and the Spanish horse.  Often the Spanish horse had another training in Spain whereby the communication is a little difficult with the new rider in the beginning. Please note, a Spanish horse rarely is difficult because he doesn’t want to do something for you.  They are too often misunderstood by the differences in their training and the classical horsemanship that we know.  So it is very important to have a good guidance to help you when you work with a Spanish horse for the first time.

Our horses are trained by Kim, she’s an expert in training horses and understanding the problems Spanish horses have when they come from Spain.  When you buy a horse at Adelante Stables she will help you with guidance and advice about your new horse.  Because she trained with the horses herself, she often has some experience with what the horse likes, dislikes, character…  We are honest about our experiences and try to inform the clients as good as possible!!

It is possible to bring your Spanish horse to our stable for some training one or several months.   We can help to re-school, correct, train it for competition (dressage)…

If you have more questions?  Don’t hesitate to ask!!


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